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Never laugh at a cat facts about SEO

Never laugh at a cat – the strange truth about facts and SEO

By SmartWords-Gil | Oct 3, 2016

Why staying well informed in the digital age calls for a lot of effort. It is an axiom of my mother-in-law’s that “you should never laugh at a cat.” Throughout the family this is accepted as holy writ, believed and unquestioned. When I was introduced to the family – and this rule – I had…

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No e-commerce – just commerce

By SmartWords-Gil | Mar 15, 2015

The growth in online shopping has reached a critical point. Those who would defend the traditional “bricks and mortar” only approach to retail are doomed to failure. However, with every disruptive technology comes the chance to ride the wave and profit in the process. The key to success will lie in understanding that there is…

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The Yorkshireman, the barbecue and the beef brisket

By SmartWords-Gil | Feb 6, 2015

The five golden rules of effective communication  Somewhere in Yorkshire a man with a loud voice and a flat cap has a piece of beef, in a cake tin, in his fridge. I know this. I also know that it has been marinating in there for quite a long time – far longer than any…

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Enough tech – back to Betamax

By SmartWords-Gil | Jan 5, 2015

We already have more new consumer technology than we can cope with comfortably. The challenge now should be to develop technology that works better. I was a little flattered the other day when a keen young reporter called me from a technology magazine to ask me what I thought the key technologies of 2014 had…

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