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22 Dec


Nobody wants to slow down to watch a car crash on a motorway. But the guy in front has already slowed down because the driver in front of him has done the same thing. So you might as well look… Well that's the Apprentice.   Read >

02 Dec


A few years ago, during a pantomime starring Jim Davidson, a special effect at the end of the first act went horribly wrong and put several members of the cast into the local A&E department for a few hours.  Undaunted, the comedian held court for all of the second act by recounting the plot of the second half of the panto and then delivering a family-friendly stand-up routine. “Did you think of giving the audience their money back, and cancelling the show?” asked John Humphreys on Radio 4 the next morning. “It’s hard enough to get people to see the show, I’m not going to pay them to leave,” replied Davidson. Paying your customers to go away would be bizarre - but no worse than the behaviour of the people at Thermomix, the food processor for people with lots of spare cash and no idea how to cook.
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